Saturday, July 12, 2008

I love this picture.

However, it does present a few questions...
  1. Who the heck is he talking to? Enrique Wilson? Is Mrs. Ramirez asking him to pick up some milk and bread on the way home? Is he just calling a buddy and saying, "Guess where I'm calling you from!" (that's what I'd do.)
  2. Who's phone is he using? Does he keep his in his back pocket, or does it belong to one of the guys who works in the Wall?
  3. What kind of reception do you get inside the Green Monster? It's covered with metal, so I wouldn't think it's too good.
One other thing - Josh Hamilton of the Rangers has 95 RBI through today. 95! It's a day before the All-Star break. If this guy played in New York, he'd get his own parade on Tuesday.


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