Sunday, July 06, 2008

A few things wrapping up 4th of July weekend:

  • We got our first phone call from J. at camp today. He seems to be having a fabulous time. He's doing all the usual "camp stuff" - swimming, sports, horseback riding, etc. The camp also offers optional trips, so he went off and climbed Mt. Greylock the highest peak in Massachusetts. I'm so happy that he's having a great time and having new experiences. I think the only thing that might be a problem is that he's coming home halfway through the summer!
  • Word is that the Indians are going to be trading C.C. Sabathia to the Brewers. It's a great move for the Brewers, who are right in the thick of things in the N.L. Central. Can there be a more disappointing team than the Indians, though? Going from one game from the World Series last year to trading last year's Cy Young Award winner and essentially conceding the season? It seems that whatever mojo the Tribe had going last season picked itself up and moved 1,100 miles south to Tampa Bay.
  • R. and I had a bit of a bittersweet day at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. We had a great time, spending about 4.5 hours checking out the animals, but we discovered that the park's cheetah had died. R. had done her independent study project for school on cheetahs a couple of years ago, and we managed to get a "behind the scenes" tour of the animal enclosure and got up close and personal with the cheetah. There was just a chain link fence separating him and us. R. got to interview the zookeeper and it was a great memory for her. Add her love of animals in general to this and she was a bit broken up. She got over it fairly quickly and understands that the cheetah had a good long life at the zoo and she had a unique experience in meeting him.


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