Thursday, June 19, 2008

A co-worker and I went down to Tremont St. across from the Boston Common to catch the Celtics rolling rally. The crowds were huge and were heavily populated by high school and college age kids. With school out of session in most places, it seemed like every 14-21 year old in a 100 mile radius was at the parade. The ones I saw were well behaved, though, and were enjoying a beautiful late spring day in the city.

We timed it well; we only hung around 10 minutes or so before the trucks started showing up. The first truck blew a hail of confetti at us (I found some in my pocket when we got back to the office) and Lucky was standing up top waving to the crowd and holding his camcorder.

It seemed much shorter than the Red Sox and Patriots parades I have been to. It may just be that a basketball team has fewer players. In any event, it was great to be there and salute Boston's latest champions.

Anyways, here are the pictures, with comments as appropriate.

The green clad masses await the Celtics arrival

You know it's a big event when the Goodyear blimp shows up. No lame local Hood blimp for the champs!

Celtics mascot Lucky films the crowd (and vice versa)

KG cradles the Trophy while Sam Cassell smokes a commemorative Red Auerbach cigar. Cigars were a standard accessory for many in the crowd.

See? More cigars.

Ray Allen soaks up the love. Beats a rainy day in Seattle, doesn't it Ray?

Danny Ainge. Now Much Smarter!

Big Baby really needs to come out of his shell, doesn't he?

This woman was swinging the stuffed dog (wearing a Celtics T-shirt) out of a window almost directly above us. I'm totally at a loss to explain exactly what it was about.

That's it! I'll hope to do another post like this in October, OK?


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