Saturday, June 14, 2008

J. and I saw Jim Rice today. Jim Ed was the guest of honor at Framingham's Little League Day this afternoon down at the baseball complex. We got there too late for the autograph session, but we got to see Rice talk about playing baseball and work with some of the 2nd graders . Admittedly, most of the kids present probably know him more as a NESN analyst and wearer of awesome suits than as one of the greatest hitters of his time.

Rice was great with the kids. He pitched to both teams, joked with the coaches and parents and smiled a lot. There was none of the legendary Rice surliness. I got a few pictures of one of the greatest Red Sox of all time in action.

Jim Ed makes a point about hitting using a kid's inflatable bat.

Winding up to pitch (underhand) as the defense gets ready.

The defense reacts to a hit.

A team picture these kids should cherish forever.


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