Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Here's the final proof that the Bruins are utterly irrelevant in Boston. I just saw a guy at Fenway wearing a Bruins jersey that said "Ortiz 34" on the back.

Speaking of Big Papi, this whole wrist thing has me a bit nervous. Hopefully the doctors are right and this is a couple of weeks in a cast and a couple of weeks of rehab and he's back around the All-Star break. If Ortiz needs surgery it ends his season and the chances of another parade this October drop substantially.

I know most folks who read this blog don't follow the Cincinnati Reds (with one notable exception - you know who you are). Have you been following the white hot start of 21-year-old phenom Jay Bruce? Seven games into his career he's hitting .577 with three homers (including a walkoff game winner), and seven RBI. Everyone said this kid was a can't miss prospect and he looks pretty good so far. I'm looking forward to getting a closer look when the Sox take on the Reds at Great American Ballpark in interleague play this month.

Final note - Joba Chamberlain lasted a grand total of 2.2 innings in his first start with the Yankees. Good call, Hank Steinbrenner. You keep making those personnel moves.

I still owe you all a New York trip report - it's coming!


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