Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A few things while watching the 2008 All-Star Game, starring Yankee Stadium:

- People complain about various aspects of it, but I love the All-Star Game. Always have. I like seeing the best of the best there on one field, the attention of the entire baseball world on that one place for that one night.

- My complaint is that interleague play has diluted some of the unique matchups that you would only get in the All-Star Game or the World Series. Some of the fun back in the day was seeing, say, Catfish Hunter pitching to Pete Rose. You could never see that during the regular season.

- There are three Jewish players in this year's All-Star Game: Kevin Youkilis, Ian Kinsler and Ryan Braun. That's gotta be some kind of record.

- And when was the last time the Brewers had two players in the starting lineup (Braun and Ben Sheets)?

- Finally, why do people call the All-Star break the "half-way point"? The Red Sox have played 97 games. That sounds like way more than half-way to me.


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