Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Five questions running through my head as I watch game one of the Sox last visit to Yankee Stadium:
  1. Why does John McCain constantly run these negative ads against Barak Obama? They just make me think he's a cranky old guy. I'm worried that if he gets elected he'll be yelling, "Get these damn kids off my lawn!" at the annual Easter egg roll.
  2. Do Hollywood executives really think like this? This article quotes the head of the Warner Brothers movie studio on the reboot of the Superman franchise, saying that the movie will be dark, like The Dark Knight. Does this guy know anything about Superman? Just because dark is appropriate for Batman doesn't mean it works for all superheroes. If he looks back at his ancient history (like three months ago), there was a pretty successful superhero movie that wasn't particularly dark. I think it was called Iron Man.
  3. Has there ever been a Red Sox starter that was missed less due to an injury than Julio Lugo?
  4. Should I take Friday off and make it a four day weekend? I'm leaning that way.
  5. Who came up with synchronized diving? And what were they drinking at the time?


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