Monday, January 26, 2009

A few thoughts on a cold, cold Monday. I'm ready for winter to be over, already!
  • Looks like the Joe Torre's new book, written with Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, is going to be a must read. Apparently, Yankee teammates called A-Rod "A-Fraud" (something Sox fans have been calling him since the Bronson Arroyo slap). It appears there's lots of dishing on Cashman, Steinbrenner and others. Few things are more fun that wallowing in some Bronx disfunction!
  • There's a new Mac Trojan Horse out there. It seems the only way to get it is to download pirated copies of popular Mac programs like Photoshop and iWork '09. Sorry, but if you are grabbing pirated copies of software from unknown sources and installing them on your system, you get what you deserve.
  • Word is (from that the Sox have offered Jason Varitek a $5 million contract for 2009, with a $5 million team option or $3 million player option for 2010. Sounds like a very reasonable deal to me. It guarantees Tek at least $8 million, with the opportunity to make more if he plays well. Given that Tek doesn't appear to have many other options (and certainly none that are going to pay him that kind of money), I hope he signs the deal. Even with his poor year at the plate in '08, I don't really want to see our Captain in someone else's uniform.
  • I got to the train station this morning, only to be greeted by the electronic message board saying that my 6:25 train was canceled. Since it was only about 5 degrees outside and I really didn't feel like waiting around for 25 minutes for the next train, I decided to drive in. Turned out to be a good call, since a T-Alert email told me that the next train was delayed for 15-20 minutes. How can the T cancel an order for new locomotives when the ones they have don't seem to work consistently in cold weather?
  • Sean Casey has retired and is taking a job with the MLB Network. Talk about the perfect match. A gregarious guy like Casey should be a great addition to MLBN's coverage.
  • It seems wrong that the highest paid player on the Red Sox roster going into next season is J.D. Drew.


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