Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy day today. Here are the big items:
  • My house is astonishingly quiet, since the kids left for over three weeks of overnight camp today. The reality of having no kids around for a long period of time is not nearly as good as what I thought it would be, since I miss them quite a bit. I know they'll have fun and have some great experiences at camp, though, and that's what really counts.
  • Theo Epstein had a very busy day, as well. The Red Sox completed two trades, at least one of which will have a significant effect on the pennant race.
  • The first trade sent two minor leaguers to Pittsburgh for first baseman Adam LaRoche. Laroche is a good (although streaky) lefthanded hitter and a very good defensive first baseman. This helps the Sox in a couple of ways: another lefthanded bat in the lineup to make them better against righthanded pitching and insurance in case Mike Lowell has more issues with his hip (with Youk moving over the 3rd). Neither of the minor leaguers they gave up were the top-level prospects, so this seems like a very good deal for the Sox. Heck, if it works out half as well as the last Red Sox trade with Pittsburgh (the Manny-Bay deal), I'll be pretty happy with it.
  • The second trade has the Red Sox actually foisting Julio Lugo off on someone, getting Chris Duncan and a player to be named (or cash considerations) from the Cardinals. No doubt the Sox have to pick up a huge percentage of the $13 million or so left on Lugo's contract, but the fact that the Sox were able to get anything more than a box of doughnuts for him ought to qualify Theo for executive of the year.


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