Monday, April 19, 2010

Yikes. John Henry can't feel like he's getting his $170 million worth two weeks into the season.

The Red Sox are 4-9 after getting swept by the Rays in this mornings Patriots Day game. They are 0-6 at Fenway since the glorious Opening Night win against the Yankees. The 1-6 Fenway start is the worst since 1932, when the team finished 43-111, 64 games behind the pennant winning Yankees. They are, unbelievably, 0 for their last 30 with runners in scoring position.

Now, it's too early to panic, but there are some worrisome things about this team. The offense, which was the big concern in the offseason, hasn't delivered at all. The starting pitching has been inconsistent, especially one of the co-aces Jon Lester. And the supposedly stellar defense has been anything but, although Ellbury's rib injury and Cameron's kidney stones haven't been helping matters. Bill Hall has had to play center field, a place he hasn't played since 2007 and he didn't take a single fly ball out there in Spring Training.

Meanwhile, the Yankees and Rays are both playing well and the Red Sox have dug themselves a 6-game hole from which they are looking up at first place in the AL East.

Again, there's a long way to go, but the Sox are going to have to get their act together pretty soon or it's going to be a long summer in Boston.


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