Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I ended a long-term relationship last week.

I have been listening to sports talk radio station WEEI in Boston literally since the day they switched to the all sports format in 1991. Although I occassionally will listen to music on the radio, I would say that 75% of my radio time has been spent tuned to WEEI talk shows and sporting events.

That's now ended. I'm spending most of my time listening to the new SportsHub (98.5 on your FM dial.) So, why the change?

It mostly has to do with the Dennis & Callahan morning show. The talk on that show is so hateful to anything that isn't right in line with the hosts' right wing views that it has been an uncomfortable listening experience for some time. Gerry Callahan is particularly guilty of this. It reached the point where I would switch stations if they were talking about politics.

The tipping point really came during the recent Massachusetts special Senate election. The political talk not only was pretty much full time on Dennis & Callahan, but moved to the Big Show in the afternoon. It basically became a Scott Brown infomercial eight hours a day. One of the blowhard co-hosts actually asked, "When did health care become a right?" To me, this implies that he thinks that if you are poor and ill, well, tough luck, buddy.

So last week I started listening to the SportsHub. And guess what? The hosts actually talk about sports! And even when they stray into more mainstream topics, they aren't trying to shove their personal agenda down your throat. It was refreshing. It was enjoyable. So now my car and office radios are set there.

I'll have to switch back to WEEI to listen to Celtics or Red Sox broadcasts, but as far as their "sports talk"? I'm done.


At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Howard, I'm tired of all the political talk on WEEI too. I have sent emails to the station to complain but the politics continues. I also switch to 98.5 more often, but still like Dale & Holley midday,if I'm out on the road. Perhaps the ratings will change things... so let's support The Hub



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