Monday, November 09, 2009

Ten things I'm thinking about on a Monday:
  1. What is with the weather? We get snow in mid-October, then sunny, 70 degree days during the second week of November. It's all a bit crazy, isn't it?
  2. I like the Jeremy Hermida trade a lot from a Red Sox point of view. This is another low risk, high potential reward deal by Theo. The pitchers traded were not top of the line prospects, and if Hermida can realize even a fraction of the potential the Marlins thought he had when they picked him 11th in the 2002 draft, the Sox could have a real bargain here. Even if he doesn't, they have a pretty good 4th/5th outfielder.
  3. That said, this points out another instance where a big market team can afford to take a risk that a small market team can't. Florida was unwilling to pay Hermida whatever he was going to get in arbitration as a raise from his $2.25 million earned last year. Florida can't afford to pay a guy who might be unproductive, while the Red Sox can afford to take a risk for what is, for them, relatively short money.
  4. I have been reading comic books for a long time (going back to when I would get paid in issues of Thor for cleaning up in my father's drug store.) A few days ago, I bought my first iPod Touch comics, using the iVerse reader app. I bought the Star Trek: Year Four mini-series, written by D.C. Fontana. The 5 issues were 99 cents each, a siginificant savings over the $3-4 a comic costs these days. The comics and art were pretty readable using the iPod. I wouldn't use it to replace any of my regular paper comics, but I would consider buying things at a discounted rate that I wouldn't otherwise get.
  5. Patriots played well in yesterday's win over the Dolphins in Foxborough, but the real test will be taking on the undefeated Colts in Indy on Sunday night.
  6. Celtics are 7-1 after a stretch of 8 games in 12 days. Not bad. If everyone stays reasonably healthy (especially the Big 3), this could be a really fun season.
  7. I picked up the Sam Adams Winter Classics Pack this weekend. 2 beer each of the Lager, Winter, Cranberry Lambic, Coastal Wheat, Holiday Porter and Old Fezziwig Ale. Good stuff.
  8. I think there's a special place reserved in Hell for soldiers who turn on their compatriots. Major Hasan should already have his own spot waiting.
  9. Anyone else sick of hearing how wonderful Jeter, Posada, Rivera and Pettitte are?
  10. The MBTA is screwed up even worse than people thought, according to a report recently released? I think those of us who ride the system every day would agree that it's pretty much in as bad shape as we thought.


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