Sunday, October 25, 2009

A few thoughts as I watch ALCS Game 6:
  • Well, we now know what the Patriots can do against bad teams. They beat the winless Titans and Buccaneers by a combined score of 94-7 the last two Sundays. Tampa wasn't quite as pathetic as Tennessee was in the snow last weekend, but they were still seriously overmatched. The Patriots go into the bye week 5-2. We'll see if these beatdowns translate against better teams in the second half of the season.
  • I'm hoping the Angels beat the Yankees tonight. If there's a game 7, it means that Sabathia won't pitch until at least game 3 of the World Series (or Opening Day, 2010, if we get lucky).
  • Visiting at least one of the New York ballparks is a high priority for me next season.
  • Here's my list of major league ballparks I have visited:
  1. Fenway Park
  2. Shea Stadium
  3. Yankee Stadium
  4. Olympic Stadium
  5. Veterans Stadium
  6. Citizens Bank Park
  7. Three Rivers Stadium
  8. PNC Park
  9. Cleveland Municipal Stadium
  10. Tiger Stadium
  11. Skydome/Rogers Centre
  12. Memorial Stadium (Baltimore)
  13. Oriole Park at Camden Yards
  14. Land Shark Stadium (formerly Dolphins Stadium)
  15. Kingdome
  16. Safeco Field
  17. Wrigley Field
  18. Comiskey Park
  19. U.S. Cellular Field


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