Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Postseason baseball thoughts:
  • I saw perhaps the worst call in baseball history in the Yankees-Angels game last night. Two Yankees (Posada and Cano) at third base, neither standing on the base. The Angels catcher tags them both. How can only one be out? Umpire Tim McClelland totally missed the call. It ultimately didn't make any difference, since the Yankees didn't score in the inning and they won 10-1 anyways, but it got the talk radio yahoos screaming for instant replay again.
  • Assuming no miraculous comebacks from down 3-1, it looks like the Yankees and Phillies will be meeting in the World Series. I think this matchup is between the best teams in each league. The Phils actually have a shot at beating the Yankees: they have good starting pitching and some big boppers in the middle of the lineup. New York should be favored in the Series, but I'm hoping the Phillies can make it competitive.
  • Really, what was Steve Phillips thinking?
  • I'm begging Charlie Manuel to give Pedro a start against the Yankees. Talk about must-see TV.


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