Friday, October 30, 2009

Two games into the World Series and nothing has happened to change my mind that we're in for a seven game epic. A few thoughts:
  • Cliff Lee made his legend in game one. Aside from simply dominating the best offense in the game in hitter friendly Yankee Stadium, he did the following:
    • Made the most nonchalant catch of a popup I have ever seen in a baseball game, much less a World Series game.
    • Caught a Robinson Cano one-hopper back to the mound behind his back and threw Cano out at first.
    • Took the subway Yankee Stadium when his cab got stuck in Manhattan rush hour traffic. No one recognized him. Of course, who would expect the World Series game one starter to be on the subway?
  • Pedro Martinez did nothing to hurt his legend last night either, going 6+ innings and giving up three runs. It probably should have been two, but Charlie Manuel channeled Grady Little and sent Pedro back out for the 7th after throwing 99 pitches through 6. Of course, we all know that Pedro turns back into a pumpkin after 100+ pitches. What happened in the bottom of the 7th was pretty predictable to everyone except, apparently, Manuel. Still, Pedro was great, keeping the Yankees off balance pretty much all night.
  • You never quite know what you are going to get with A.J. Burnett, and he has never been in a must win situation on the biggest stage in the game before. Burnett stepped up and kept the Yankees in the series with filthy stuff in game 2.
  • Does Joe Girardi have that little faith in his bullpen that he has to go to 39 year old Mariano Rivera for a six-out save? I guess so.
  • MLB umpiring has taken a huge step backwards during this postseason. The latest incident occurred last night, when Chase Utley was called out on a play when replays showed he was obviously safe. This occurred in the 8th inning, and if the call had been made correctly it would have brought Ryan Howard to the plate to face Mariano Rivera with two on and two out. The various blown calls during the playoffs have raised calls for instant replay to a crescendo.


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