Friday, September 12, 2003

I watched the Enterprise premiere last night and they finally fixed the most annoying thing about the series. They got T'Pol's eyebrows right! She finally looks like a Vulcan! It only took them two years. :-)

Seriously, though, I thought the episode was decent, but then I've thought a lot of Enterprise episodes were decent. They're generally not great and they're generally not horrible (although there are some exceptions on both ends of the spectrum). It was well acted, looked great and handled the drama in a mediocre fashion. Same thing as the first two seasons.

My opinion? I'll continue to watch, but I'd love to see what the cast and technical crew could do with a completely different creative staff at the top. If I were running Paramount, I'd fire Berman and Braga ASAP and bring in someone new to drive the franchise and REALLY remake Enterprise.


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