Tuesday, October 21, 2003

So, what's the biggest sports story in Boston today? Is it:

1) The Patriots huge overtime win against division rival Miami on Sunday?

2) The trade of Celtics co-captain Antoine Walker to the Dallas Mavericks?

3) Grady Little's brain fart last Thursday?

If you listened to WEEI today, you would have thought it was Grady. A few people wanted to talk about Walker, and almost no one wanted to talk about the Pats.

So, I'm declaring this a Grady-free zone until the Red Sox make a decision about his future, starting now.

I'm not sure about the Walker trade, but Danny Ainge seems to think it's a case of going forward by first taking a step back. Ainge spoke of a three-year plan to rebuild the Celtics into a championship contender again. It's obvious the Celtics are not going any farther than the first couple of rounds of the playoffs as they are currently constituted, so we'll have to see if it works out.


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