Sunday, October 12, 2003

This will be a quick entry, since we're headed to see the Ringling Bros. circus at the FleetCenter today.

All right, I admit it. I didn't see much of the game. We were invited by my company's CFO a couple of months ago to go to dinner at Davio's and to see the play "Thoroughly Modern Mille" at the Wang Center. I did, however, have a Walkman radio and kept up with the score as the game went on, but I didn't actually see the crazy events in the 4th inning until I caught the highlights (or lowlights) this morning (i.e., Pedro hitting Karim Garcia, Manny going after Clemens on what he thought was a tight pitch, The Gerbil attacking Pedro). Two points on this:

- Manny, the pitch wasn't that close. What the heck were you charging the mound for?

- Don Zimmer, you might want to stick to going after guys who aren't less than half your age.

The Sox are back in that familiar position of having thier backs against the wall. Tonight is really a must win.


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