Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Have I mentioned that David Ortiz is my hero? What a game against the Orioles. The Sox are down 3-2, despite a nice performance by Wakefield. Pawsox perfect gamer Bronson Arroyo comes in and gives up two runs in the 9th and Baltimore leads 5-2. The Sox offense has looked pretty anemic all night (only 4 hits to that point), so I figure it's over.

So what happens? Todd Walker hits a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 9th to tie it. Then the newly rejuvinated Byung-Hyun Kim holds Baltimore in the 10th to set up Ortiz's walk off home run in the bottom of the inning. Red Sox Win!!!!

The magic number is down to 3, and Seattle is losing 1-0 to Anahiem in the 5th as I write this.

On a completely different topic, my wife has a subscription to People Magazine. I usually page through it to see if there's anything interesting. In the most recent issue there was, of course, another article about the most overhyped couple of the new milennium, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. I was looking at the article (OK, I was really looking at the pictures of J. Lo. in a bikini) and I noticed that one of the captions for the pictures said that she was drying off with a $740 designer towel. $740 for a towel! I'd bet that the last three generations of my family hasn't spent that much money on towels, total. Some people really just have too much money for their own good.


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