Monday, September 15, 2003

Here's the way I figure it. If the Sox win their four remaining series the rest of the way against Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Cleveland, they should go 10-4. They've already won tonight, so that brings it down to 9-4. Seattle just lost to Texas as I'm writing this, so they're now a game and a half behind in the wild card race. They have 6 games left against the A's, plus 3 each against the Rangers and Angels. Assuming the Sox can take care of business, they should be able to win the wild card. Of course, as Theo said on the Sox pregame show earlier tonight, if they can't win these games, they don't deserve to be in the playoffs.

There are some other great races for playoff position continuing, with the White Sox and Twins still slugging it out in the AL Central and the Royal hanging close. If Tony Pena isn't AL Manager of the Year, there ought to be an investigation. The Cubbies and Astros are still close in the NL Central. Both have intriguing possibilities in a World Series matchup with the Sox. The Astros would feature the return of Jimy Williams. Bosox-Cubs would probably be the most anticipated Series ever. The NL wild card race has widened out a bit - at one point there were as many as eight teams within 3 games of the lead, but the only teams with serious shots at this point seem to be the Marlins, Phillies and whoever doesn't win the Central. All in all, it should be a pretty exciting last two weeks of the season!


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