Sunday, November 30, 2003

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We had a very nice time with the various relatives and ate lots of turkey and such (including A.'s awesome pecan pie!). The kids had a blast being the center of attention and being doted on by everyone.

The thing I'm most greatful for these days is the Red Sox acqisition of Curt Schilling over the weekend. Of course, this guarantees nothing, but Theo did shore up one of the two major holes in last year's pitching staff, a true number 2 starter behind Pedro. Of course, you could ask the question who is number one and who is number two, but that's a whole different topic. The next step is a bona fide closer. Despite Williamson's postseason success, I'm not sure he's consistent enough to handle the role for an entire season.

Enough of that, though. The Sox improved themselves hugely over the long holiday weekend. I wish Spring Training started today!


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