Friday, August 20, 2004

We went to this amazing restaurant tonight - Casey's Caboose on the Killington Road near the ski resort. It's a train themed restaurant, but the real highlight is the table we sat at.

Part of the building that houses Casey's is an actual, old caboose railroad car. Casey's has preserved part of the car as a dining area like you would see in an old train. When we arrived for dinner, the hostess asked us if we wanted to sit in the caboose. We said sure and she took us to the most unique restaurant table I've ever experienced.

The tables replicate an old dining car, but they are in the part of the caboose that juts above the rest of the car. So, you have to climb this set of stairs and step across to the tables - two seats on each side. You have a small table with leather chairs. The waitperson comes up the stairs to take your order, bring drinks, etc. The kids loved it. We loved it. The food was good, and they had Long Trail Ale on tap. We're looking forward to going back on our next trip up here.

It's our last night here in the house in Vermont. We've cleaned out most of the stuff - I'm making one last run to the dump tomorrow morning, then I'm returning myself in September a few days before the closing for a local battered women's shelter to pick up the remaining furniture. We decided to leave a day early, since the weather hasn't been great and we're running out of rainy day stuff to do. We've had a great time, though. The only negative was that we only got to spend two days at the lake, but we did manage to find other fun things to keep ourselves occupied. I always feel relaxed and refreshed when I leave here, and what else can you ask for from a vacation?


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