Friday, October 15, 2004

Game 3 gets postponed due to rain, much like last year's Game 4 (check out my October 12, 2003 blog for the story - the link brings you back to last October's entries.) So we wait another day to see if the Sox can get back on track at Fenway and make this into a series again. I really think they almost have to sweep the three games at home. Even if they win 2 out of 3, it doesn't seem likely that they can sweep the last two games back in the Bronx.

Derek Lowe has suddenly gone from forgotten man in the bullpen to the focal point in the series in the wake of Curt Schilling's ankle injury. Assuming the Sox get to Game 5, Lowe will be starting in Shilling's place and how he does will go a long way toward deciding the Red Sox fate this year.

If the Sox are destined to lose, I really hope they just get it over with in 5 or 6 games (no sweeps, though!) and not put us through some mind-twisting loss like last year. Not that I'm conceding anything to the Yankees, but I just can't take another loss like that.

One good thing about the rainout was that I got to watch some of the stuff that I've Tivo'd and haven't gotten a chance to watch because of the games. I've been watching this show from the INHD channel called "Cathedrals of the Game", where they tour various major league ballparks. The one I watched tonight was about the brand new Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia. What a beautiful place. I'd really like to get there next year, maybe even when the Sox are playing the Phillies in June. A. suggested that I take J. with me, and he might really be ready for an adventure like that.

Brian McGrory's column in today's Boston Globe concerned the concept that Yankee fans are stupid. McGrory cited some funny examples, but this is the thing that struck me the most:

"True story: I'm standing outside the stadium wearing a Red Sox cap at the end of Wednesday night's loss. A guy in full Yankee regalia sidles up and says: ''I know how you feel. I was a Mets fan until the 2000 World Series," the one where the Yankees beat the Mets as a nation slept. ''The next year, we switched over to the Yankees. Why make it hard on my young son?" "

This is such a foreign concept to me. If you are a true baseball fan, how do you just switch teams? I can no more imagine not being a Red Sox fan than I can imagine not being male. It seems like it's just ingrained into my DNA at this point. The only possible justification for switching teams that I can see might be if your team moves out of town.


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