Sunday, October 10, 2004

Well, that was quite a weekend.

It was kicked off, of course, by the historic Red Sox victory over the Angels Friday night. I'll admit to being a bit queasy after Vladimir Guererro hit that grand slam to tie the game at six. Mike Timlin, who had previously been invincible for the Sox in the postseason, gave up the bomb that tied the score, after Bronson Arroyo had left in the 7th with a 6-1 lead. Of course, it ended with all of New England jumping up and down as David Ortiz hit one over the Monster to win the game.

A. had called me earlier in the day to see what we wanted to do for dinner. I suggested pizza. A. said she was thinking we might go out. I said, "OK, as long as it's somewhere I can see a TV." We had pizza...

Saturday evening we went to Cambridge for a friend's birthday party. It was pretty nice. Lots of good Chinese food and I got to spend some time with some of A's friends and their husbands. We were naturally talking about the Sox and one guy was acting WAY too confident that Boston was going to win the World Series. My first thought was, "This guy isn't from here." I was right! He grew up on Long Island and only became a Sox fan when he moved to Boston. He hadn't lived through 1972 (Aparicio falls down - Sox lose to Detroit by 1/2 game), 1974 (Sox collapse in September), 1975 (Jim Burton instead of Jim Willoughby?), 1978 (Bucky Bleeping Dent) and 1986 (Buckner). He remembers last year (in fact, he was at Yankee Stadium), but doesn't have the decades of disappointment built into his DNA. As much as I want to see the Red Sox finally win it all, I just can't let myself get my hopes built up that high.

In another sign the kids are growing up, we sold the train table we bought a few years ago and got an air hockey table. We tried ordering one through the Web, but it came damaged so we're sending it back and I went to Sports Authority to buy one. It's pretty nice and the kids are having a great time with it. I am, too, actually.

Today we had another birthday party, this time a surprise party for my good friend The Hey. Several close friends were there and we got to sit, talk and eat for quite a while as the kids ran around like maniacs and we waited for The Hey to get back from the movie his wife had sent him off to. It was so much fun I didn't even mind the fact that his present, the new book Patriot Reign, accidentally got a bit wet in the bag we were carrying it in and I had to run out to get another copy. I'm just keeping the wet one.

Speaking of the Pats, congratulations on them beating Miami for their 19th win in a row, a feat never before accomplished by an NFL team. It's amazing that our once sad sack Patsies are now the leading power in the NFL. Go Pats, and I'll start paying a lot more attention once the baseball playoffs are over!


At 12:25 PM, Blogger Brian said...

We were talking about the Sox at work yesterday. We decided if the Curse were ever broken, that all of New England would come to a halt for three days, with their collective jaws on the ground, before the partying began. ;-)

Let's hope the theory gets tested.


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