Wednesday, November 17, 2004

You’ve gotta love this quote from Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Eisner was testifying at the trial for the lawsuit filed by Disney shareholders to recover the $140 million in severance that Michael Ovitz received when he was let go by Disney.

"The two biggest personnel mistakes like this were Michael Ovitz - and Mo Vaughn," said Eisner, referring to the costly first baseman who flopped for the Angels baseball team when it was Disney's. "

Poor Mo. His career got ruined through injuries sustained while playing for the Angels and now he is getting dissed in court by Michael Eisner.

I took the kids to see The Incredibles this weekend. What a great movie. A great story, genuine characters (they seemed a lot more “real” than the characters I see in a lot of live action flicks). Lots of great inside jokes for fans of the superhero genre, as well. My favorite was Edna Mode’s rant on how impractical capes are. The kids loved it, too. Within 10 seconds of exiting the theater J. was asking me if we would get the DVD when it comes out. He also decided that he was Dash and took to running everywhere. R. liked it, too, and assigned the characters to members of our family, with the cat being Jack-Jack.

It was really painful watching Drew Bledsoe against the Patriots last Sunday. I really think it’s time for Drew to hang up his spikes. He had a quarterback rating of 14, and only threw for 76 yards and was intercepted twice (and there could have been a couple of more.) It’s sad to see a guy who led the Pats to a Super Bowl and was the face of the franchise for the better part of a decade fall this far.


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