Thursday, December 02, 2004

Steroids, steroids, steroids.

The news broke today that Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi admitted to using illegal steroids to enhance his performance to a grand jury investigating BALCO. Giambi said that he had gotten the steroids from Barry Bonds’ personal trainer.

The question is, what should happen to players records when it can be proven they cheated by using illegal performance enhancing drugs? Should Giambi be stripped of his MVP award? What about Bonds’ 73 home runs? What about Mark McGuire’s 70, for that matter? What happens if Bonds breaks Hank Aaron’s record?

Here’s my opinion. Awards should be stripped from players found guilty of using steroids. Players who cheated should be ineligible for the Hall of Fame. If Bonds used steroids (and the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming), he should not be allowed into Cooperstown without a ticket.

Records are a different story. Home runs have been hit. They’ve been recorded. You can’t “un-hit” them. If Bonds hits 756 home runs, then he’s the all-time home run king, even though he broke the rules to get some of them. It’s a tainted record, but a record nonetheless.

Think about this: if Bonds is excluded from Cooperstown because of using steroids, it’s possible that the all-time hit king and the all-time home run king won’t be in the Hall of Fame.

WEEI was rerunning Game 5 of the ALCS tonight. I have to say, it's much less stressful listening to the game when you know how it's going to turn out.

We're getting the kids Playstation 2 for Hannukah. Unfortunately, no one in town seems to have it. Everyone claims they're getting more in, though, so I'm pretty sure I can pick one up before we were planning to give it to the kids next Friday.


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