Thursday, April 07, 2005

Many days when the weather is good, I get off the train at Yawkey Station near Fenway Park and walk to my office to get some exercise before I start the day. Usually it's pretty quiet over by the ballpark at 7:30 in the morning, but yesterday was a bit different.

When I walked down Yawkey Way, there were about 75 people dressed up in Red Sox gear in front of the ballpark, and all the local TV stations were set up there for the premiere of the movie "Fever Pitch", which is a love triangle about a boy, a girl and a baseball team (my wife tells me it sounds like a documentary of her life).

So I'm walking down Yawkey Way wearing my Red Sox jacket, and the people start cheering. I look around, thinking that Drew Barrymore or someone had just shown up. But, no. It turns out they were cheering ME for wearing the jacket (I was tipped off by the shouts of "Nice jacket!")

This all goes to prove that people around here will cheer for just about anything displaying a Red Sox logo these days.

Pedro Martinez was quoted in yesterday's Boston Herald as saying tht if the Red Sox "want to keep the (World Series) ring, that's fine". Pedro dropped some more sour grapes to the press during an off day in Cincinnati.

Y'know what Pedro, why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Don't want your World Series ring? Fine. Auction it off for the Jimmy Fund or a Dominican charity or whatever good cause you want to come up with. I can't imagine that Pedro's ring would go for less than six figures. That money could do a lot of good for some less fortunate people.

Or you could give it to me. That would be OK, too.


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