Saturday, July 16, 2005

Look At His Butt!

Remember I said a couple of days ago that I wanted to expand my podcast listening past some of the corporate stuff I had found? Well, I was puttering around on iTunes and searched on Star Trek (Surprise!). Nothing really grabbed me except one called "Look At His Butt!" The description was "Trek like you've never heard it before." And it was marked Explicit. Explicit basically means there is swearing and possibly some sexual innuendo. Apple won't post anything pornographic through iTunes.

I had to check this out.

So I subscribed, downloaded the podcast to my iPod and listened on the train yesterday. It was hysterical. The two women (JK and LT) who do the podcast are big Original Series fans, and are apparenly in love with William Shatner (his butt in particular as it seems). They are really funny, really know Star Trek and really seem to be having fun doing the podcast.

If you're a Trek fan, you can check out the podcast at the link above, or subscribe through iTunes. I listened to the 5th episode, but I'll probably check out the others over the next couple of weeks. Excelent stuff!


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