Friday, March 10, 2006

- From Dan Shaughnessy's column about new Dodger manager Grady Little in today's Boston Globe

And in case you're wondering, he admits it was a mistake to leave Pedro in that game.

''Now that I know the result, I'd have done something different," Little said yesterday, standing outside the Dodger clubhouse before LA's 6-4 exhibition victory over the Red Sox. ''I'm just like them people the day after the game. I would have done it different."

I think I have written about this before, but this is what has always driven me crazy about Grady. He doesn't understand the fact that most of us were not Monday
morning quarterbacking his decision to leave Pedro in Game 7 against the Yankees. Most of us, me included, were screaming at our TVs during the game for Little to get Petey out of there. Hell, even my mother could tell Pedro was cooked.

- I saw an interview NESNs Don Orsillo had with Kevin Millar a couple of days ago. I don't think I have ever heard anyone regret not being a member of the Red Sox as much as Millar. Unlike Manny, Millar loved the focus on the Red Sox and thrived on being the center of attention. It's just not the same in Baltimore, or anywhere else for that matter.

-There is going to be a minor league doubleheader at Fenway Park this August. The Pawsox are taking on Rochester Red Wings and the Lowell Spinners are playing the Oneonta Tigers. And we'll be in Vermont that day, dammit! I'll make up for it a bit by taking in a Vermont Lake Monsters (formerly Expos) game, but I would love to be at Fenway that day.


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