Monday, June 05, 2006

Wow. Talk about an ugly start.

Josh Beckett got manhandled by the Bronx Bombers. He lasted a grand total of 1 and 1/3 innings and got clobbered for 8 runs and 7 hits, plus a couple of walks. He gave up three run homers to Andy Phillips and Jason Giambi.

This is really bad. With young David Pauley going tomorrow night, you figured that you were going to need the bullpen. Now the Sox are going to have to get 7 and 2/3 out of the 'pen tonight. I was looking to take a split out of Yankee Stadium, but that's going to be a tall order after tonight.

Started my diet today. I'm having another test for my thyroid on the 23rd, and I have to go back on the low iodine diet I was on last summer. Fortunately, I can still take my thyroid replacement pills until the 19th, so I won't be exhausted all the time like I was last July. No dairy, seafood, soy products, red dyes, salty snacks, commercially produced bread for 19 days.

The worst part is the dairy. I love ice cream, and I can't have it for the next couple of weeks. Ben & Jerry's, Cold Stone Creamery and Dairy Queen might see a dip in sales.


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