Friday, October 27, 2006

Whatever the Tigers were doing right against the Yankees and A's now seems a distant memory against the Cardinals. The defense, especially from the pitchers mound, has really let them down. The Tigers pitchers have made four errors, including a key one last night by Fernando Rodney. This, along with Curtis Granderson's pratfall in center field on an David Eckstein fly ball and multiple Gold Glove winner Pudge Rodriguez's inability to block a Joel Zumaya wild pitch really hurt the Tiger's chances. Pitching and defense wins championships, and the Tigers defense isn't getting it done.

The Cardinals are on the verge of becoming the worst regular season team to win a World Series. They only won 83 games in the regular season, one game more than the '73 Mets, who lost the Series to the A's. They have been helped by Scott Rolen's comeback (he's batting .438 in the Series thus far) and some good pitching, as the Tigers have only scored 7 runs in the first 4 games.

A 3-1 deficit isn't insurmountable, but unless the Tigers start playing better this could be over quickly. If I were the Cardinals, I would want to end this at home. If the Tigers should manage to win tonight (or whenever game 5 is played - the weather forecast for St. Louis isn't great), the Cards have to face the white hot Kenny Rogers and his dirty hands in game 6 and then anything can happen in game 7.

On a different topic, can things get much worse for the Bruins? I have stated here before that I'm not much of a hockey fan, but the B's lost to Montreal last night on a goal with 1.2 seconds left. They have only won 2 of their first 8 games as they continue to battle with the Revolution for the title of Most Irrelevant team in New England.


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