Friday, November 03, 2006

As you may have heard, Derek Jeter won the Gold Glove over the Sox Alex Gonzalez. Taking nothing away from Jeter, who is a great player and a decent defensive shortstop, it's inconceivable to me that A-Gon did not win the award this year.

Gonzalez beat Jeter in practically every defensive category. Anyone who watched Gonzalez play this year could see that he was the best defensive shortstop in the league this year. His only disadvantage was that he only played only 111 games to Jeter's 154. This has to be what the voters (in this case, the managers and coaches) were thinking about. There's no other possible explanation.

Well, there is one. The guys voting simply don't care. After all, Rafael Palmeiro won the Gold Glove in 1999 after playing only 28 games at first base. It's been kind of hard to take the voting as much more than a popularity contest after that.


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