Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Greetings from Florida!

We have been having a great time down here, although the weather hasn't been very Florida-like. It's been rainy and pretty cool outside today.

Quick update today, and I'll have a complete report when we return home. My father and brother surprised me by procuring some tickets to the Patriots-Jaguars game in Jacksonville on Sunday, so we spent the day at Alltel Stadium watching the Pats clinch the AFC East title (anyone else remember when winning the division was a big deal?)

After a day spent with the family on Christmas Day and A. and I heading out to dinner at Jiko last night, we spent today at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. We had a tremendous time, and I loved Animal Kingdom in what was my first real visit there, other than a visit with J. when he was 2 - that's a story that deserves it's own post! It has such a different vibe than the other Disney parks, that it was really a unique experience.

Much more to come this weekend when we get home!


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