Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's always a good day when things are going badly for the Yankees.

In his latest odd outburst, Alex Rodriguez basically told Yankees fans on the Mike & the Mad Dog show that if he didn't start getting some love from them this season, he would exercise the walk option in his contract and become a free agent. No doubt the Cubs would open the vault to reunite A-Rod with his first manager, Lou Pinella.

This guy gets to be more and more of a distraction. His poor relationship with Jeter and this latest event are going to make it a really interesting summer in the Bronx. You have to wonder if Brian Cashman is thinking about just dealing A-Rod and getting something for him while he's still under contract.

I'm really glad that trade for Manny never got done. Perhaps A-Rod should take a page from Manny's book and stop talking to the media. It would probably do him a lot of good.


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