Sunday, October 14, 2007

Now this is more like it.

The Red Sox and Indians going at it like two heavyweight fighters. It's tied 6-6 in the bottom of the 10th as I write this.

One thing I wouldn't have predicted about this game is that both Curt Schilling and Fausto Carmona would have been knocked out before the end of the 5th inning. The offenses really took over early, with the Indians getting home runs from Jhonny Peralta and Grady Sizemore, while the Sox got back-to-back jobs from Manny and Lowell.

Top of the 11th now. Papelbon went two scoreless innings and now Gagne is in (gulp). If Gagne was ever going to make himself worth the players we gave up, now would be the time.

Struck out Casey Blake with a 95 MPH heater. Pretty good.

Sizemore gets a base hit.

Now he walks Asdrubal Cabrera. Trot Nixon is coming in to pinch hit, and Tito just pulled Gagne to bring in the lefty, Javier Lopez.

So much for Trot not being able to hit lefties. He dumps a single into center field and Sizemore scores. 7-6 Cleveland.

Remember Trot's home run against the A's in the 2003 ALCS? I hope he just didn't do it to us in reverse.

Wild pitch by Lopez. 8-6 Tribe.

Now it's 9-6. I think we'll give up on the blogging for tonight (or this morning, actually.) Of course, if the Sox pull a miraculous comeback, I'll be back.


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