Friday, January 04, 2008

Now this will be exciting.

Roger Clemens has been asked to testify before the US Congress. Andy Pettitte will be there, too, along with the former trainer who accused them both of using performance enhancing drugs, Brian McNamee. Former Mets trainer Kirk Radomski and Chuck Knoblach will also testifying.

There has already been a lot of buzz about Roger's appearance on 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace on Sunday night. Well, nothing happens if Roger lies to Mike Wallace. He can go to jail if he lies to Congress.

The whole thing is going to be a circus, of course. Does Roger do a McGwire and say nothing? Does he wag his finger like Rafael Palmiero? Does he pretend not to speak English, like Sammy Sosa?

Regardless, this is going to be must-see TV. What Roger says, and doesn't say, is going to be dissected and analyzed, ad infinitum. With the writers strike, the Clemens testimony is going to be the best drama on television.


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