Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I got a Twitter account yesterday after getting an email from my friend The Hey yesterday. I'm not sure how often I will be updating it, since I'm sure the non-productive Web site blocking software at work won't let me in (no one has ever explained why it doesn't block ESPN.com, but I'm not complaining).

So check me out, if you are so inclined. I will probably pop in once or twice a day, and I can see it being useful for quick posts when I'm on the road and hit a wi-fi connection with my Touch.

On another topic, last night's Celtics win over the Spurs was probably the franchise's greatest since the comeback win over the Nets in the 2002 Eastern Conference finals. Beating San Antonio in Texas after going down by 21 points early was a testament to the character of this team. It would have been very easy to give up going down by that much to a great team on the road, especially with Ray Allen out, but the Celtics came through and won a big game.


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