Thursday, September 04, 2008

Can we talk about the unstoppable force that is Dustin Pedroia?

I have been watching the Red Sox for a long time. I have seen lots of great hitters play for this team: Yaz, Rice, Evans, Boggs, Nomar, Manny, Big Papi. I can't recall ever seeing anyone as white hot as Pedroia is right now.

He has an eight game hitting streak going, during which he is hitting .618. He has 22 three hit games this season, the most of any Red Sox player since 1956 except Wade Boggs. He had two consecutive four hit games last Friday and Saturday against Chicago. No Red Sox has done that in the 107 year history of the franchise. He is 12 for 18 in his recent starts as the cleanup hitter. He leads the AL in batting average at .333, runs at 110 and hits at 191.

It's gotten to the point with Pedroia lately that you are almost surprised when he doesn't get a hit.

Add his defense into the mix and you have as complete a player as there is in baseball. Fenway fans have been chanting "MVP" lately when Pedroia comes to the plate. I'm not sure that he'll win it, but he is certainly a legitimate candidate to get some votes.

Keep watching this guy, folks. You are seeing something historic.

On another topic, I realized today that Monday was the 5th anniversary of my starting this blog. Thanks to those of you who stop by here occasionally to see what I have to say. Let's see what the next five years bring!


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