Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few Sunday night thoughts...
  • I really enjoyed reading my Sunday sports section today. There were articles about actual baseball. Not steroids, contract discussions or how the economy is affecting the free agent market. No, I got to read about Jason Varitek's return and the competition for the backup catching position. Spring training is underway, and not a moment too soon.
  • Thanks to Bismo, I'll be going to Opening Day at Fenway Park! Thanks, Bis!
  • MLB Network was featuring four home run games today, including Mike Cameron's with Seattle and Carlos Delgado's with the Blue Jays. Maybe this wasn't the best programming idea. There have been only 15 games in major league history where one player hit four home runs. Three of them happened in 2002-03, right at the height of the Steroid Era. Prior to Cameron and Shawn Green in 2002 and Delgado in 2003, there had only been 3 four homer games in the previous 40 years. Doesn't it just make you wonder if all the juicing going on was involved in the sudden outburst of four homer games?


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