Friday, April 24, 2009

A few thoughts as I watch Sox-Yanks, 2009 Round 1:
  • I spent Monday and Thursday evenings watching J.'s Little League team play two exhibition games this week. I love watching him play, but it was frakkin' cold out there both nights. If I had a phaser I would have been heating up the rocks. Tomorrow is his first "real" game, and the temperature is supposed to top out in the low '80s. Typical New England weather.
  • Can things get much worse for the Washington Nationals? Not only are they already languishing in last place in the NL East with a 3-12 record (worst in baseball), they seem to keep having other embarrassing things happen to them. First there was the scandal with members of the scouting staff skimming a portion of bonuses from Dominican prospects that led to GM Jim Bowden's resignation. More recently, Elijah Dukes showed up late for a game after going to a Little League event (that the team said he should go to) and was fined and benched by manager Manny Acta. So, the Little League's parents hold a fund raiser to pay Dukes' $500 fine. Oh, and the word "Nationals" was spelled wrong on a couple of players jerseys a few days back. Are the Nats the reincarnation of the St. Louis Browns?
  • The AL Central is going to be fun to watch. We're only three weeks in, but the White Sox, Tigers and Royals are all tied at 8-7, with the Twins a game back and the Indians 3 back. These teams could just beat on each other all summer.
  • #1 on my list of players I would go out of my way to see play: Albert Pujols.


At 11:12 PM, Blogger The Hey said...

Seeing Pujols play in person was one of the good things I was able to take away from going to KC in '07.


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