Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A couple of quick notes:
  • I'm not worried, yet. We're only 7 games in, but the 2-5 Red Sox have been getting mostly mediocre pitching and not much out of the offense (other than Youk). Of course, I suppose that's a prescription for a 2-5 record. Still, if this was happening in June or July we'd be looking at it as a minor slump. The Sox are too good a team for this to keep up for long, but I'd like it to end sooner rather than later. Tonight in Oakland would be good.
  • I was very saddened by the tragic death of Mark "The Bird" Fidrych yesterday. I was 12 when he burst onto the scene, winning 19 games, winning the Rookie-of-the-Year award and talking to the baseball. I couldn't have liked a non-Red Sox player more. His career flamed out with arm trouble all too quickly. I did have the good fortune to be at McCoy for his epic game against Dave Righetti in 1982 and I have rarely been in a ballpark with a more electric atmosphere. Good-bye, Mark. You were one of a kind and you'll be missed.


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