Monday, March 23, 2009

Curt Schilling announced his retirement today.

It wasn't unexpected. Whenever Curt has been asked, I sensed some uncertainty about whether he wanted to put fourth the effort to rehab and get in shape to make a comeback.

Curt only spent four of his 20 years in MLB with the Red Sox, but he provided some moments that will live forever. Starting with his Thanksgiving, 2003 negotiations with Theo Epstein that paved the way for him to come to Boston, Schill was always fun to watch. He made those Ford commercials about how he had come to Boston to break an 86 year curse, and then backed it up. I remember the bloody sock, the near no-hitter against the A's, his amazing performance in the 2007 post-season, winning with nothing but pitching smarts and location and so many other great moments he gave us during his time in Boston.

Thanks, Curt, for coming here and helping to break that curse. Enjoy the rest of your life with your family.


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