Sunday, March 29, 2009

One week to go until the season starts. Here's a couple of things I noticed as Spring Training winds down.
  • I was listening to WEEI this morning, and decided that Michael Felger really needs to stop talking about baseball. The discussion was about trading young pitching and Felger maintained that Clay Buchholz shouldn't be traded for, say, Joe Mauer or Albert Pujols. Really? You're not going to trade an unproven pitcher for the best two players in the game at their positions? I love Buchholz's potential, and I think he can be a very good pitcher, but if you offered me Mauer or Pujols for him, I'd drive Clay to Minneapolis or St. Louis myself. And I suspect Theo Epstein would, too.
  • I was watching the Florida Marlins edition of 30 Teams in 30 Days on MLB Network and I decided that if you were going to genetically engineer a center fielder, he would probably look a lot like Cameron Maybin. I haven't really seen him play, but he looks like a heck of an athlete from the small amount I saw of him.


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