Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few thoughts while watching Celtics-Magic game 7:
  • I need to see Star Trek again. I loved the new movie the first time around, but I'd really like to catch it a second time in the theater. I was hoping to catch it at the Jordan's Furniture IMAX and probably would have gone tonight if the Celtics had managed to wrap this thing up in 6.
  • The Red Sox had a rough road trip on the west coast, losing 4 of 6 to the Angels and Mariners. Two of the losses were of the walkoff variety, with the Angels winning in 12 innings on Thursday and the Mariners beating Manny Delcarmen in the 9th today. Let's hope some home cooking this week does them some good.
  • Terry Francona did the right thing by giving David Ortiz the weekend off. Hopefully, a couple of days to collect himself will get Big Papi back on track. It will be interesting to see where in the lineup Ortiz is hitting against Toronto on Tuesday. I'm thinking he'll be dropped to 5th or 6th.
  • Speaking of Toronto, is anyone else shocked that the Blue Jays sit atop the AL East in mid-May? There's a question about the strength of their schedule - they haven't played the Sox or Rays yet, and only 3 games against the Yankees - but it's still quite an accomplishment to be ahead of what were considered by many to be the three best teams in baseball this deep into the season.


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