Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hollywood met reality on my way to work this morning. I was walking by the Seaport Hotel on my way from South Station in Boston to my office in Southie and I saw hundreds of people lining the sidewalk. I stopped and asked a young woman what everyone was doing there. She told me, "We're auditioning for American Idol."

Long-time readers will know that American Idol is my #1 guilty pleasure every January to May. It was kind of fun to see all these people lined up waiting for their big chance. As I walked along, I tried to pick out the people with actual talent from the ones that were there for the judges to make fun of. There were a few candidates for the goofy contestant category that I could see. I also saw a couple of guys with cameras in American Idol T-shirts filming people in the line. Sadly, I had no sightings of Simon, Randy, Kara or Ryan.

It was a fun way to start the day. And, who knows? That girl I talked to might be the next American Idol!


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