Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not convinced yet.

The Sox lost 2 of 3 to the Yankees over the weekend, and both losses were pretty ugly - 10-3 on Friday and 14-3 on Saturday - before getting a win on Sunday night to avoid a sweep. It was the Sox first win after 8 straight losses to the Rays and Yanks.

My main concern is Josh Beckett. After dominating in the first three innings on Friday night, he imploded, giving up three runs in the 4th and a whopping six in a third of the 6th inning, when his control totally deserted him. He hit two batters, walked two, and even hit his catcher, noted field goal kicker Jason Varitek, on the forearm as signs got crossed up. Beckett's ERA is up to 7.46 and he has been pushed back a day in the rotation. Tim Wakefield will make a spot start, while Beckett hopefully gets his mechanics worked out.

There have been a couple of good developments the last few days, though. David Ortiz is starting to look like, if not the Big Papi of 2003-2007, at least like a serviceable DH. Jon Lester has overcome his early season funk and has pitched much better his last few starts. Victor Martinez has actually thrown out a few would-be base stealers. It's obvious he was embarrassed by what has been going on and has been working very hard on improving.

With last night's win over the Blue Jays the Sox are back over .500, and they picked up a game on both the Rays and Yankees, who both lost. The Sox have a very tough stretch of games coming up, with trips to Detroit, Yankee Stadium, Philadelphia and Tampa coming up, and a quick 2 game series against the Twins at Fenway stuck in the middle. By the time this is over, it will be Memorial Day weekend and we should have a very good idea of what this team is by that point.


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