Friday, January 16, 2004

Cold, cold, cold.

A record was set in Boston today for the coldest temperature recorded on January 16. It hit 7 below zero this morning. It was the coldest day in Boston since 1980.

Most school departments cancelled school today because they were concerned about the kids waiting for busses or walking to school in the extreme cold. J. didn't have school today, since it was a professional day. R.'s preschool cancelled.

Unfortunately, they don't cancel work for cold temperatures. I left the house this morning bundled for the elements - TWO coats (a fleece jacket under the overcoat I usually wear in the winter) over a T-shirt, long-sleeve button-down shirt and a sweater. A hat, earmuffs and gloves.

I drove to the train station and called Smartroutes, which gives MBTA schedule information. As soon as I heard "trouble on the Worcester line", I headed for the Green Line in Newton. Getting on the train wasn't bad as one showed up almost the minute I got to the station. The walk from the Hynes/ICA station to the Pru was brutal. The wind was whipping up Newbury St. and it was hard to catch a breath. I was never so glad to walk into a mall in my life when I finally made it to the Prudential Center.

All in all, it was a day for the record books.


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