Thursday, March 04, 2004

I've nearly made it through my Mr. Mom week. It's been interesting and fun being part of the kids daily routine for a week. Usually when I take time off we go away somewhere or it's during school vacation. I'm not normally part of the get up, go to school, go to afternoon activities grind that A. goes through every day. Anyone who says stay-at-home parents don't work is kidding themselves!

A.'s recovery from surgery is going well. She gets a bit better every day, and she started physical therapy yesterday. We're going to have some after-school help in the house next week, so hopefully she'll be OK when I go back to work.

Other than making lunches and such, I managed to get out to vote in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. I voted for John Kerry, not because I'm a huge Kerry fan, but because I think he has the best chance of defeating President Bush in November.

Got our first taste of spring baseball tonight, as the Sox took on their Fort Meyers neighbors, the Twins. The Sox got off to a good start, with a 4-3 win tonight. I didn't see many of the regulars play, since I didn't turn on the game until after I got the kids to bed. It was good to see the Olde Towne Team out on the field again, though!


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