Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Thoughts on a Super Bowl Championship...

The game itself was one of the most exciting I've ever witnessed, particularly the 4th quarter. It was truly awe inspiring seeing Delhomme and Brady drive their teams down the field time after time and keep coming up with the clutch pass until there was no time left on the clock.

After the Pats scored to make it 29-22, I said to the friends I was with, "Watch this; the Panthers are going to tie the game and it's going to come down to Vinatieri." Sure enough, a few minutes later the world's greatest clutch placekicker was lining up another Super Bowl winning field goal.

There was an article in the Globe today about how Brady is poised to join the list of the four greatest Boston athletes ever; Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Bill Russell and Larry Bird. I think it's hard to crown him as part of that company after only three seasons as a starter, but talk to me again in four or five years.

I had a terrific time watching the game at the Castle Cinema in Providence. It's fun to watch a big game like that with a big crowd.

I actually missed the unveiling of Janet Jackson. I had long since lost interest in the half-time show before that happened and was out stretching my legs at the time. That said, it was obviously inappropriate and ill-advised. And I'm certainly not buying these lame excuses about a "wardrobe malfunction".

Of course, after this year's half-time debacle, the NFL will no doubt get Barry Manilow and the Osmonds for next year's Super Bowl.

Speaking of all-time lists in Boston sports, is there anyone besides Red Auerbach ahead of Bill Belichick on the best coaches list? No names are leaping to mind here.

H&R Block didn't have the best commercial of the Super Bowl, but it did have my favorite commercial moment. Don Zimmer consulting his Willie Nelson doll about what to do during a baseball brawl was priceless. Glad to see the Gerbil can both laugh about the unfortunate ALCS incident and make a few bucks off it, too.

I stood out on Boylston Street in front of the Boston Public Library for the parade today. Despite the fact that it started about 1/2 hour late, it was well worth it to salute the Pats as they rode by in Duck Boats. The energy of the crowd along the street was completely electric, and there wasn't any bad behavior that I noted (and if there was, a contingent of Boston's Finest was there to discourage it). I actually enjoyed it more than going to City Hall Plaza after Super Bowl XXXVI, since I could really see the players and BOTH Lombardi trophies as they made their way down the street.

I make it a point to go to these parades. It was 16 years between the Celtics '86 championship and the Patriots first Super Bowl win. You never know when there might be another one.

16 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training!


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