Sunday, February 01, 2004

Well, today's the big game. Super Bowl XXXVIII. Patriots vs. Panthers in Houston, TX.

I'm off to the Castle Cinema in Providence to watch the game with some friends in just a few minutes. I just wanted to get my official prediction on (virtual) paper before I leave.

Patriots 20, Panthers 7.

My reasoning? I just have a hard time believing the Panthers are going to score more than 10 points against the Patriots offense. Everyone talks about the Panthers running game, but the Pats have only given up one 100+ yards game to a running back all season. I feel pretty confident that Brady can get the Pats into the end zone at least once, and otherwise will get Vinatieri within field goal range a couple of more times. Add another touchdown from the defense (or at least a forced turnover that gets the Pats offense in really good field position) and you have 20 points.

Enjoy the game! I'll have my thoughts on the Super Bowl (and hopefully a Patriots World Championship) tomorrow night.


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